Identity & series design

SecMoCo were invited by the artist editors Rachael Cattle and John Hughes to devise the identity and series design for JOAN, a new publishing project focusing on contemporary interdisciplinary writing supporting feminist, queer, and idiosyncratic voices, and innovative fictions. The design has expanded and adapted to include a collaborations imprint JOAN X (image no.10 above).

To date JOAN has published the work of Jenna Collins, Karoline Lange, Lucie McLaughlin, Sam Cottington, Zara Joan Miller, Volker Eichelmann, Paul Becker and Joanna Walsh

Published by JOAN, London, UK; series 1 launched 2021. 182 mm x 128 mm + 90 mm flaps; black & white/colour images; paperback. Printed digitally by P2D Westoning, UK.

Stockists include Donlon Books, ICA Bookshop, Cafe OTO, Broadway Books and TACO!, London; Desperate Literature, Madrid; Good Press, Glasgow.