Fiona Banner

‘It has been described as unreadable’. Remember telephone directories? This is a huge, 1000 page, 280,000 word compilation of textual descriptions of films concerned with the Vietnam War.

‘… at a stretch, Banner’s simple, clear prose is hypnotic, and as exhausting as sitting through a Vietnam all-nighter. The text cascades in front of our eyes, melding and merging, and we read Banner’s commentary as she’s watching…’ Adrian Searle, Visual Arts, The Guardian, 22 April 1997.

Published in an edition of 1000 by Frith Street Books and The Vanity Press with assistance from the Arts Council of England, 1997

280 x 208mm (280 x 213mm hardback); 1000 pages; 1-colour (black) no images; paperback- thread sewn, cover cut flush; hardback- thread sewn with printed paper case (no dust jacket)