The main working principle behind the innovative Paul Elliman’s Box Space fax magazine, was to utilize the potential of new technology to swiftly combine and distribute material from distant sources.

As such, SecMoCo were delighted to be invited to contribute, (by fax only– a newly emergenent method at the time) the ‘words’ to accompany the similarly faxed-in ‘image’ component (from a different contributor) for a piece on Lisbon. These ‘text pages’ were generated as a result of political graffiti and other typographical findings during sessions of itinerant roaming around that intriguing capital city in the previous year.

The magazine went on the win a prestigious D&AD award in the 1991 Design & Art Direction awards.

First published, in an unlimited fax edition, by Paul Elliman, UK, 1991; edited by Paul Elliman and Peter Miles; texts: various contributors; dimensions: 840mm width, variable length; variable number of pages & images; printed by fax machine on fax rolls.

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