A series of discursive pamphlets

Academic writing invariably puts a break on art and its concepts, whereas in the popular realm the same ideas can circulate quite freely. If anything they are thereby accelerated, propelling thought at greater velocity.

To provide a new, faster, and looser form of print communication SecMoCo commissioned, edited, designed, printed and distributed Sandwich– an art journal-cum broadsheet. Through commisioned writing and art projects from contemporary practitioners that were conceptual and reflective, rather than journalistic in approach. It also signaled the possibility for a unique position within the pamphleteering tradition, one combining art/aesthetics and cultural theory/philosophy.

Sandwich sought to operate at that constantly shifting point between the two poles of popular ‘take-up’, and academic reflection. As such it was hoped it may push, from both ends, a redirection of what writing about art and aesthetics might be, towards an immanently critical reflection, an approach as much about creating concepts as straightforward commentary.

To this end, Sandwich attempted to harness the affective power of the popular not only through its content but also its radical form: each issue consisted of 1xA2 sheet, folding down to A6, with 2x cover boards affixed to the top and bottom of the folded sheet.

A2 Sheet front: x2 commissioned texts plus 1x commissioned artwork, the latter ‘sandwiched’ between the former.
A2 Sheet reverse: full size poster, commissioned image/text project

Thus Sandwich existed as a journal but also as a pamphlet/broadsheet /poster, a formaly delimited space, but one with infinite potential where text and image could combine to generate new meanings.

First published, in an edition of 1000 copies, by SecMoCo, London, UK, 2001; edited by Simon Josebury (issues A & 2), Simon Josebury, Jake Chapman and Suhail Malik (issue 1); texts and images: various; size: as above; 90/400gsm Chromolux with 4-colour cover, shrink wrapped; printed by Furnival Press, Aldgate Press, and Calverts (all London).

Issue A, Autumn 2001 (Pilot issue) Mystic Materialism for Bored Aesthetes
Text a: The Song of The Norias Alphonso Lingis
Text b: Year Zero Jake Chapman
Artists project: Ovals Simon Bill
Broadsheet poster/text: Bauhaus Yoga Paulina Olowska
Font: Univers
PAN 032C

Issue 1, Autumn 2004 The Science of the Becoming of Matter
Text a: The Language of Insects Nigel Cooke
Text b: Abstract Sex, an extract Luciana Parisi
Artists project: Fungi Kingdom Emanations Alison Gill
Broadsheet poster/text: Compliance Aya Ben Ron
Font: Optima
PAN 301C

Issue 2, Autumn 2011 Brian Chalkley Career Girls
Artists project: Career Girls Brian Chalkley
Broadsheet poster/text: Career Girls Brian Chalkley
Font: Melior